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(Be sure to listen to each sound clip in the order they are in.  They tell the story. Hahahaha)

The Story of Two Crow Friends....

The two crow friends were happily flying through the forest one day.  Just enjoying being friends....

When... Boy Crow started talking trash to Girl Crow. 

Well, Girl Crow was not having none of that stuff.  She quickly cussed Boy Crow out in her "deepest" voice and flew off!!!

Boy Crow was really pissed that Girl Crow had rejected him.  He cursed and cursed to himself now alone in the forest.   Thinking he would get even with Girl Crow some how!!

Unbeknownst to Boy Crow, Girl Crow was actually a Sorceress.  A very beautiful Sorceress who loved to play the Violin.  So she quickly cast her spell and put Boy Crow in his place.  She began to play a soulful song using him as her instrument!


Here is the "soulful" song she played.  The last anyone ever heard from Boy Crow!  His last song!!!

The End!!!! ...or is it?